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Little Artist's Fortune

The perfect treasure for any creative young mind. The accessories within the chest allow for many different types of art to be constructed; the limit is your youngster's mind!


Featuring an authentic chest filled with:


Drawing Pad:

An electronic pad that allows for instant drawings that can be cleared from the screen by the press of a button. Stylist pen included. 


Paint Kit: 

A portable watercolor paint set with 12 unique colors.


6 Piece Brush Set:

Varying brush sizes that allow for larger and/or pinpoint precision paintings


Invisible Writing Pen With Black Light:

A pen that writes with invisible ink until illuminated by the black light which is attached to the pen.


500 Piece Pompom Balls

100 Piece Stem Pipes 

Googly Eye Kit

Create an uncountable amount of unique crafts at home with an almost unending amount of supplies.


Drawing Book:

Countless hours of fun and exciting drawing material. Includes animated drawings.



    If you are not 100% satisfied with the gift it can be returned for a full refund minus shipping fees within 30 days of reciept.