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Little Einstein's Fortune

A treasure chest filled with goods that will make any young scientist ecstatic with countless hours of entertainment while also increasing their interest in the scientific world. 


Featuring an authentic chest filled with:


Remote Controlled Robot with Intellectual Programming:

The perfect companion for any young scientist in a robot that can communicate, learn, dance, and sing. 

Includes: Basic intellectual programming, gesture sensor, obstacle avoidance, singing, dancing, and auto display

Charged through a USB(included) or batteries.


LED Planet Night Light: 

A dazzling LED planet that changes between multiple colors by touch.


Balance Balls: 

Newtonian balls that display the simplest laws of physics through an amazing display of fluid energy transfer.


Iron Balance Man:

An astonishing showcase of balance that provides amazement and seems to be the work of magic. The youngster and everyone in the room will be amazed equally.


Optical Triangular Prism: 

A glass prism that breaks light into the colors of the rainbow all across the room.


Universe Necklace:

An intricate piece that resembles the deep universe on a necklace.


All in all, the perfect gift for any curious young mind.


    If you are not 100% satisfied with the gift it can be returned for a full refund minus shipping fees within 30 days of reciept. 

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